• Bland Diet: The Complete Guide

    Bland Diet: The Complete Guide
    In short, a bland diet is one that consists of foods that are easy for your body to digest, such as those that are low in fiber, low in fat, and easy to chew. Additionally, as the name suggests, a bland diet should focus on foods that are mild in flavor.  This kind of diet is sometimes referred to as the BRAT or BRATT diet, which stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, as these are four common foods which can be incorporated into a bland diet plan. What Are the Benefits of a Bland Diet?...
  • Active Immunity vs. Passive Immunity: Complete Comparison

    Active Immunity vs. Passive Immunity: Complete Comparison
    Immunity to a certain disease occurs when a person has, through some method, antibodies from that disease to protect against it in the future. Antibodies are proteins that the body produces in order to neutralize toxins or organisms that carry diseases, and all antibodies are specific to a certain disease.  There are two main types of immunity -- active and passive immunity -- and understanding the difference between these can allow you to be more informed about your health and wellbeing.  That being said, it is firstly important to better understand the way your immune system...
  • When Is It Best To Take Your Multivitamin (Probiotic)?

    When Is It Best To Take Your Multivitamin (Probiotic)?
    If you are relying on your multivitamin to provide your body with its essential nutrients, you want to be absolutely sure that it works. Turns out, the time that you take your multivitamin actually plays a massive role in its efficiency and potential for absorption. And let’s face it, if your multivitamin cannot be absorbed, it is not of much use to you. If you take other medications, you may have been instructed by your doctor or pharmacist on the optimal time to take it -- typically on an empty stomach or with a meal.  Supplements...
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