8 Benefits and Uses of Maqui Berry That You Wish You Knew

This exotic South American fruit is known as a superfruit, and for good reason. The maqui berry is packed with antioxidants that help your body in more ways than one. From soothing effects to helping to regulate blood sugar, this is one fruit that you definitely want in your diet.

To help spread awareness of the maqui berry, we’re going to explore the many benefits of this superfruit and why you should incorporate it into your diet. 

Berry Benefits

1. Antioxidants

With free radicals running rampant in your body, you are at risk for damage to your cells, which has a lot of negative implications for the long run. Fortunately, it’s easier to put these concerns at ease when your diet includes antioxidants.

In fact, diets that are rich with antioxidants have a better chance of overall long term health. While many people are aware that antioxidants are found in strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries, the maqui berry isn’t as widely known.

What makes the maqui berry stand out from other berries is that it contains three times as many antioxidants. More importantly, maqui berries contain antioxidants known as anthocyanins. These not only give the maqui berry its unique dark purple color, but they are also the reason behind the many health benefits that come from the superfruit.

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2. Heart Health

Thanks to the rich anthocyanin content, maqui berries play a big role in supporting overall heart health. 

Diets that are high in anthocyanins are linked to healthier high blood pressure levels, thereby improving heart and circulatory health as a whole.

3. Soothing Properties

Since the maqui berry is known as a potent soothing agent, it lends to reason that this powerful fruit should be consumed in an effort to gain the upper hand and kick irritation inside and out to the curb. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. Maqui berries have also shown promise in supporting respiratory health because of its soothing effects, even in the case of lifelong smokers. 

4. Regulates Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that maqui berries may be responsible for helping to regulate blood sugar. In these tests, researchers discovered that maqui berries help our bodies break down carbohydrates.

It appears that the maqui berry plays a role in turning carbohydrates into energy. By adding maqui berries to your diet, your blood sugar is better regulated, thus supporting overall metabolic health. 

It is believed that the maqui berry’s high anthocyanin content is responsible for these benefits. 

5. Healthy Eyes

Think about how often your eyes come in contact with light. If you work outside, your eyes are getting more sunlight than people who work indoors. Conversely, if you work indoors, your eyes are exposed to fluorescent lighting.

Not only that, but we are looking at our smartphones and computers throughout the day, as well. Not to mention watching TV or browsing the web in our downtime. Our age of technology means blue light galore. 

Whether it’s natural or artificial light, too much of either can be harmful to the health of our eyes. 

So, how can you fight against this? The key is antioxidants.

Since we know that the maqui berry is packed with antioxidants, it would be wise to incorporate this superfruit into your diet. The more antioxidants you can get, the better chance you have of protecting your eyes from free radicals. 

Our Berry Immunity Booster is a great way to ensure that your body is getting plenty of antioxidants. You can use this in conjunction with maqui berries to stay one step ahead for safer, healthier eyes!

6. Relieves Dry Eyes

Furthermore, maqui berry extract has been shown to help relieve dry eyes. This is because the maqui berry contains a component that helps generate a significantly higher production of natural tears.

If you are often faced with dry, uncomfortable eyes, maqui berries could be the all-natural remedy you’ve been looking for. 

Many people simply use over-the-counter drops to help relieve dry eyes. But this can get to be tiresome day in, day out. Imagine adding the maqui berry to your diet and having your eyes be rejuvenated naturally!

This could prove to be a game-changer for lots of people who suffer from seasonal allergies. By combining the maqui berry with additional vitamins and minerals, you can effectively improve your health and reduce the effects of allergies.

7. Healthy Gut

Billions of bacteria live in your intestines. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing, it can lead to health complications if bad bacteria outnumber the healthy ones. It is important to incorporate ways of preventing this from occurring within your intestines.

Fortunately, you have a secret weapon to ensure the safety and health of your gut bacteria. The maqui berry contains a vital component that helps your bacteria remain healthy. By taking maqui berries regularly, you can build and restore healthy bacteria while keeping bad bacteria to a minimum.

Additionally, GoBiotix’s Lectin Defense Supplement is an all-natural blend that can help support your intestinal health right alongside the maqui berry!

8. Fights the Effects of Aging

People everywhere are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to combat the effects of aging. While it might not be possible to turn back the hands of time, there are plenty of effective methods for reducing the signs of aging.

Thanks to the compounds found in the maqui berry, you can reduce the appearance of damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the antioxidant properties can neutralize free radicals caused by overexposure. With a regular diet that consists of this incredible fruit, you may start to see a noticeable difference in your skin!

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Combining Glow with a healthy diet of maqui berries can help you achieve the youthful appearance you’ve been looking for. 

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