Super Greens Powder N' Super Reds Powder

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Our Super Greens N' Super Reds Powder F.A.Q.

How often should you take Super Greens Powder?

This works on the same concept as taking a daily multivitamin, with the extra bonus of providing additional health benefits. While the once-a-day recommendation is a good general rule of thumb, there are several situations in which it may be helpful for you to drink an extra one, for example, if you are having difficulty accessing fresh fruit and vegetables. However, in the majority of cases, one serving of super greens per day should be sufficient to help fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet, given that you are currently eating a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

What time of day should you drink Super Greens Powder?

Super greens are specially formulated to deliver the highest possible concentration of critical nutrients in a single serving. The timing of when to take greens is a matter of preference, although we would advise against consuming it just before bedtime. As a result of their high concentration of nutrients that might increase energy and focus, Super Greens are a wonderful choice for breakfast; nevertheless, consuming before bed might boost your energy levels and make you feel restless.

Should you drink Super Greens Powder on an empty stomach?

Some people like to consume super greens by just combining them with water. Others prefer to mix it in with their juice, smoothies, pre-or post-workout snacks, or any other beverage they consume.

Does Super Greens Powder help with weight loss?

When you consume Super greens, you get a lot of fiber, which can help you lose weight more quickly and easily. In addition, fiber stimulates our metabolism, which is essential for burning some of that excess fat and keeping a lean physique.

Does Super Greens Powder make you poop?

The main reason why some people might experience loose poop when taking a super greens powder is that they aren't used to the ingredients within the formula. For example, if someone has not ingested the recommended amount of veggies, fiber, or probiotics for a long period of time or potentially ever, their body will be stunned when all of these critical nutrients are consumed in one sitting.

What makes our super greens powder different from the others?

Our super greens powder contains your everyday greens aswell as red veggies and fruits. This combined with active probiotics and digestive enzymes make it a one stop shop for all of your gut health needs.