GoBiotix Constipation Bundle

GoBiotix Constipation Bundle FAQ

What's included in the GoBiotix Constipation Bundle?

The GoBiotix Constipation Bundle includes 4 products that are specifically designed to help you poop again. If you're tired of struggling with numerous unsuccessful bathroom breaks, constant bloating, and simply being unable to pass stool, then this collection of products is for you.

Inludes One (1) Tub of Greens & Reds (Pomegranate Raspberry 30-day supply)

Inludes One (1) Tub of Prebiotic Fiber Boost (30-day supply)

Inludes One (1) Bottle of Detox Probiotic (30-day supply)

Inludes One (1) Bottle of 100 Billion (30-day supply)

The GoBiotix Constipation Bundle supports digestive regularity through powerful ingredients designed to help increase the good bacteria in your gut, while helping to eliminate the bad bacteria. Rebalancing the bacteria in your gut microbiome (the collection of organisms in your gut), will help your GI tract to regain regularity within 30 days or less.

Are these products bad for you?

These products are loaded with natural ingredients that are designed to help you regain digestive regularity. They are not bad for you, nor do you have to worry about the length of time that you consume any of these products.

Does the GoBiotix Constipation Bundle make you poop?

Yes. These products are designed to help you poop. They do this through a variety of ways that includes things like increasing the good bacteria in your gut, decreasing the bad bacteria, increasing your dietary fiber intake, infusing ingredients that are designed to stimulate your gastrointestinal tract, and more.

Is the GoBiotix Constipation Bundle considered a laxative?

These products are not considered laxatives and are not designed for temporary relief. Rather, they support long-term digestive regularity, helping to regulate your ability to pass stool.

In what order should I take the products in the GoBiotix Constipation Bundle?

Take GoBiotix Prebiotic Fiber Boost with your morning coffee or tea

Take one scoop of GoBiotix Greens & Reds before your first meal of the day

Take one capsule of GoBiotix 100 Billion after your first meal of the day

Take two capsules of GoBIotix Detox Probiotic before bed

Rinse & repeat for the next 30 days

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