Weightloss Programs for Teens: Supplements & Exercises

It’s important for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, teens included. Not only does a healthy figure promote longer life, but it also helps teens have more self-esteem and improved confidence.

If you have a teen who needs to lose weight, it is important for them to do so healthily. This means adopting a better diet and incorporating plenty of exercises. 

Additionally, there are natural weight loss supplements that are safe for teens to take, although they are limited. More importantly, though, your teen should follow a strict program that ensures that they will lose weight naturally with diet and exercise, with supplements being there to provide a helpful boost. 

This means cutting out foods that are known to lead to weight gain and poor health. But it also means making radical changes to their lifestyle – changes that they aren’t likely to be fond of. 

Let’s explore some of these changes and look at the positive effects they can have on your teen’s lifestyle.

Eliminate Drinks High in Sugar

This is often one of the hardest changes for teens to make concerning their diet. Teens like sodas and energy drinks, but in truth, both have harmful effects that can be difficult to overcome. 

Teens who regularly consume sugary drinks are more prone to gaining weight. Moreover, your teen is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

If your teen is going to be successful in cutting out their favorite sugary drink, the rest of the family needs to take part, as well. A household that tackles this together is more likely to succeed. 

Cut Down on Sweets Altogether

Drinks that are high in sugar are only one part of the problem. There needs to be a serious shift away from sugary foods, as well. Teens who eat a lot of sugary foods feel hungrier than they actually are, resulting in overeating and not getting enough nutrients.

This leads to unhealthy weight gain and a lack of energy. Furthermore, your teen will have a harder time focusing on their studies and may slip in their grades.

Sugary foods also interfere with your teen’s sleep cycles, making it hard for their body to get the rest it needs. Sugary food can even affect your teen’s mood. It is important to replace sugary foods with healthy fruits and veggies

Both fruits and veggies are high in the nutrients your teen needs and they are low in calories. Replacing a donut with a healthy snack will ensure that your teen has the energy they need to make it through the day. 

Additionally, it will help them stay razor-focused, allowing them to excel in their studies without falling behind. A good way to ensure that your teen will get the fruits and veggies they need each day, try keeping some washed and ready to eat.

Your teen will be more likely to grab a healthy snack on their way out the door when it is easy for them to eat.

Our Greens Superfood Juice is an excellent source of the essential vitamins and minerals that teens need for a healthier lifestyle. This is a great time-saving formula that’s easy to take on the go, and has a refreshing fruity taste that’s not hard to swallow. 

Try mixing your teen some of this formula the night before so that they have a quick and easy way to get the vital nutrients needed throughout the day.

Steer Clear of Extreme Dieting

It sounds tempting. You see an ad on TV or the internet that promises huge weight loss in a record amount of time. The problem with programs like these is that they are, in fact, quite harmful to your teen’s health and well-being. 

The key is to avoid short-term weight loss gimmicks and shoot for something that helps your teen lose weight over time. This ensures that their weight loss is healthy and safe on their body.

Don’t Skip Meals

If you find your teen skipping meals in an attempt to lose weight, it’s important that they stop and get back to a regular routine of eating their normal schedule of meals.

Studies have shown that teens who skip out on meals are actually more likely to gain weight instead of losing it. This is because their metabolism is greatly slowed when a meal is skipped, ultimately resulting in them eating more meals throughout the day.

Breakfast is Vital

Lots of people skip out on breakfast, but this meal is very important and plays a big role in how we function for the rest of the day. Lots of breakfast meals are loaded with the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthier lifestyle. 

If your teen has a hard time getting up in the morning and misses out on breakfast as result, consider giving them an earlier bedtime. This by itself likely won’t be enough, however. That is why the next part of the program is so important.

If your teen is in need of an overall wellness and nutrition boost, consider our GoBiotix Bundle. It has everything your teen’s body needs for a stronger immune system, better diet, and a healthier lifestyle.

Limit Technology

You can set an earlier bedtime all you want. But if you don’t take away their phone or computer before bed, it likely won’t make a difference.

Limiting technology goes far beyond their nightly routine. Too much tech can lead to laziness and eventually, being overweight. Instead of spending time in extra-curricular activities or exercising, teens are more likely to spend hours in front of the TV or playing on their smartphones every day. 

This leads to a lack of movement, something our bodies were created to do plenty of. When limiting their screen time, you are bound to be met with animosity. It’s important to stick with it, as it gets easier as time away from technology increases.

Keep in mind that more activities and involvement is good--if your teen has enough to do, they will be less likely to miss the glow of their smartphone. A healthy dose of exercise and plenty of activities are great ways to break the boredom. At the same time, your teen will get the movement they need for healthy weight loss. 

Get Plenty of Exercise

Healthy exercise is a great way to lose weight. But it does so much more for your teen. Not only can they look forward to getting in great physical shape, but they will have better mental focus, as well.

This ensures that your child will have a better chance of performing better at school, as they will be able to concentrate better, think clearly, and have the energy needed to get through the school day without feeling sleepy.

The Best Types of Exercise for Teens

Let’s explore which exercises are sure to give your teens the workout they need for healthy weight loss. It’s important to choose which ones they enjoy the most to start out. As their body becomes more acclimated to exercising, it will be easier to add new regimens to their routine.


These heart-friendly exercises will help your teen improve their breathing and quicken their heart rate. This is as easy as encouraging your teen to stay after school and run a few laps around the track, or join in the cross country club. 

Strength Training

This will help your teen build healthy muscle while losing weight. They can also look forward to increasing their endurance for energy that lasts. 


Whether it is ballet, martial arts, pilates, or yoga, your teen will get the flexibility they need to take on more exercise programs. A flexible body has a much easier time handling exercises of all kinds.

To help your teen lead a healthier lifestyle, visit GoBiotix to see all of our wellness-boosting supplements, including our Detox Probiotic which naturally supports healthy weight loss in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.. You will find complete nutritional information to help you better determine what’s best for your teen.