The Power of a Good Detox

The concept of a detox as a way to rid your body of harmful pesticides, toxins and pollutants isn’t a new idea at all. In fact, for centuries, people have used fasting and other methods to help clear and purify the body. As methods have changed, scientists have learned a lot about what your body needs and doesn’t need when it comes to a good detox. There is a healthier way to rid your body of unwanted irritants. Let’s learn how to detox the safe way.

Beware of Dangerous Detox Methods

In the past, people used dangerous methods to rid the body of toxins like blood-letting and leeches. As science progressed, humanity learned more about how the human body works and functions. Today, some detox diets require you to go days with only a water mixture and laxative preparation as a way to clean out your system. What research proves again and again is that these types of diets can lead to dehydration and weight gain once the detox is complete, not leaving behind any real, tangible results.

Your Natural Filtration System   

Thankfully, your body is equipped with everything it needs to keep harmful pollutants out of your body or to rid the body of gut irritants that have made their way inside. Your skin and respiratory system work to block incoming pollutants while your immune system helps fight against bacteria and unwanted pathogens. Inside, your liver and kidneys help flush toxins out of the body. Your intestines also help filter unwanted toxins out through your waste.

Detoxing the Right Way  

But what about when we’re experiencing headaches, joint pain or inflammation in the body? Aren’t these symptoms a sign that something is going awry with the way our body is responding? The short answer is yes. Your body has a warning system that helps clue you in that something’s just not right. It’s always important to listen to your body and seek out medical guidance when you need it. So what can we do about those unwanted symptoms like gut irritation from too much alcohol, coffee or sugary and processed foods? There is a right way to detox and it involves giving your body the nutrients and probiotics that it needs so that your body’s internal detoxification system can work at its optimal ability. A true detox process doesn’t deplete your body of healthy calories or much-needed nutrients, it instead, provides nourishment and supplementation that your body needs to naturally flush away toxins in a safe and effective manner.

Detox Superstars

When you’re looking for a great detox program, you’ll want to look for products that are all-natural and made to work with your body’s natural filtration system. The following can add heaps of bounty to your detox program:

Probiotics-The good or healthy bacteria that live in your gut and encourage a healthy balance in your intestines.
Digestive Enzymes-Proteins that help you break down food, absorb important nutrients and aid in the elimination of painful gut symptoms, like constipation or irritability.

Milk Thistle-Works as a powerful antioxidant to help boost your liver function and rid your body of unwanted toxins.

Dandelion Extract- Increases the flow of bile in the body leading to detoxifying effects, especially within the liver. 

Turmeric-A spice or herb used all over the world that is known to decrease inflammation and joint pain in the body.

Slippery Elm-Helps aid in digestion and can help with everything from diarrhea to constipation.

Exciting Outcomes

When a detox is conducted correctly with important nutrients added to the body, the benefits are amazing. You may notice a reduction in headaches, bloating, tummy troubles and inflammation. Remember, the best way to help your body be healthy is to help it do what it already does naturally. Your body can filter away unwanted toxins easily if it’s given an environment that’s boasting with optimal health benefits.