Improving Digestive Health this Winter

At some stage, we have all suffered from some kind of digestive issue or tummy upset. It is unavoidable for the most part because of the amount of processed and convenience foods we eat. It has become a normal part of modern living, and if you are very busy during your working day then ease suggests that you won’t always pick the best or wholesome foods for breakfast or lunch. Even dinner may be had at your desk on some evenings.

Improving Digestion

As easy as it may be to grab something quick, convenience foods and snacks can play havoc with your digestion long term. As well as bloating and constipation, bad digestion can also impact your skin and immune system. Digestive issues can become more chronic such as in the case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Particularly during winter or party season, some extra love and care toward your gut and digestive system can make a big difference to how you look and how you feel. Looking after your digestive health can also aid in managing your weight so you can still fit into the same trouser/dress size in January! A digestive system that works well aids in getting more nutrition from the calories you eat from food. A poor digestive system works oppositely and you may find you feel more sluggish overall and need more sugar-fixes to maintain energy. 

Here are a few ways to take care of your digestive health this winter and beyond! 

  • Improve or increase your fiber intake. Foods that are rich in fiber help everything move more smoothly through your digestive system. If you don’t like to snack on raw veg, try roasting your vegetables and season lightly with a little olive oil. Look for fruit-based desserts that aren’t loaded with excess sugar and don’t always go for the meat plate at a party! Processed meats are harder to digest and red meat can take a whopping 30+ hours to digest!
  • Watch your alcohol intake! We all want to have a good time over the festive season but try to maintain some balance. If you are going to be drinking a little more on one particular evening, then aim to up your intake of water the following day. Water is an essential part of a healthy digestive system! Alcohol dehydrates you and makes your liver work harder- remember it already works round the clock to clear toxins from your body!
  • Stay active. Find a way to keep moving through winter, movement helps your entire body stay strong and supple- and this includes your digestive system. If you miss the gym or your favorite’s OK! A steady-paced walk for around 20-30 minutes will not only lift your energy level, but it will also help you digest food too.

There is a myriad of ways to help your digestive health. The above are just a few ways to keep you in a better body, mind, and spirit for the festive season. Alongside these pointers, probiotics and prebiotics are invaluable in creating better gut and digestive health. To help us all on our way, GoBiotix has created a movement!

Whether you are constantly on the GO or you’re someone with a more harmonious routine, GoBiotix strives to introduce you to the power of beneficial microbe’s aka “Good Bacteria” to help you transform your life.

“Join our community of health-conscious humans that believe we can only achieve optimal human performance by pairing clean nutrition with high-quality nutraceuticals. We work with notable doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and nutraceutical formulation experts to create breakthroughs in elevating human performance”- GoBiotix

GoBiotix and their combined research have proven one thing - a majority of the world struggles with maintaining healthy lifestyles. GoBiotix wants to bridge the gap and provide humanity with the tried and true solution to break free from the mundane “normal”. Something that we have all been desensitized to.

Prebiotic Foods for Health

Research has shown that implementing prebiotic foods into your regimen promotes optimal digestive function. Prebiotics also help to accelerate your metabolism and discourage the growth of unfriendly or “bad” bacteria. Prebiotics are commonly known as the fertilizer to probiotics.

GoBiotix Prebiotic Fiber Boost is loaded with clinically proven prebiotic fibers that support healthy bacteria and help provide “food” for active probiotics to feed while helping to improve and create a healthy digestive tract.

GoBiotix has all-natural prebiotics and probiotics to help people heal their gut and improve their overall health. Here’s a snap-shot of how they can help you!

 Prebiotic Fiber Boost

Don’t just look good but feel good too with this cutting-edge blend that helps promote optimal digestive function, provides an increase to energy levels, and supports brain function and mental clarity.

Unlike many other products on the market, GoBiotix prebiotic is an organic, food-based blend with a nutritional makeup rich in beneficial micro and macro-nutrients that your body can more readily recognize and absorb.

One of the most effective prebiotic fibers and the purest form of short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS) available on the market today, NUTRAFLORA soluble prebiotic fiber helps increase the levels of good bacteria in the large intestine and is scientifically proven to support digestive health. It can be easily incorporated into your daily routine by adding a scoop to your morning coffee, water, or it can even be sprinkled onto your favorite meal.

Produced from non-GMO sucrose, NUTRAFLORA soluble prebiotic fiber is 30% as sweet as sugar with fewer calories and a similar sweetness profile, allowing you to get the great benefit of prebiotics and fiber without the large spike of sugar in your diet!

Detox Probiotic

GoBiotix probiotic supplement is formulated to bring you digestive relief, help improve your GI health and restore balance to your body. This vegetarian probiotics formula contains 50 billion CFU per capsule. CFU (Colony-forming Unit) is a measure of the live or “active” micro-organisms that are in your probiotics. Detox Probiotic contains multiple strains of high-quality and high potency prebiotics and probiotics, a unique blend of digestive enzymes, and 17 different natural ingredients to promote your health and well-being. Additionally, this formula is non-GMO and of course- all-natural! It needs no special storage as the probiotic pearls are shelf-stable.

Why This Probiotic is Beneficial for Your Health

Detox Probiotic benefits several bodily systems. It is a probiotic supplement that is a must-have for anyone keen to work on their health and well being. Certain ingredients in GoBiotix probiotics are necessary for enhancing the health of your liver and kidneys - these are the main organs of your body that deal with the elimination of waste and toxins.

You can use these prebiotics to restore balance to the beneficial bacterial flora (good bacteria) in your gut and digestive system. This ultimate flora probiotic supplement aids in the digestion of foods and the absorption of nutrients and the blend of ingredients also helps to detox your body.

And that’s not all! There are several weight management benefits when you take up this probiotic supplement. The prebiotics and probiotics contained in the probiotic fiber pills help promote balance in your GI system, thereby improving both the absorption of nutrients and how you digest food. Essentially, they offer the ultimate “de-clog” your digestive system needs and improve how you metabolize food. Vegan probiotics are beneficial for bloating relief as well as constipation relief also - something that comes in very handy during winter/festive season!


“Prebiotics are essential for healthy bacteria to thrive within your digestive tract. Unfortunately, many people do not incorporate enough of these food types into their diet. As a result, we’ve combined powerful food-based ingredients and prebiotic fibers into a simple daily serving that will make you look and feel your best! Replenish your flora and restore your health – be sure to add our ultimate flora probiotics to your cart today” - Gobiotix