9 Easy Habits to Improve Your Bowel Movements

Both probiotics and prebiotics are essential for bowel movements and digestive health.

Both of them work harmoniously together as the prebiotics essentially supercharge your probiotics. The existing good gut bacteria that lives inside of you needs to outnumber the bad. That good bacteria need to multiply and adding a prebiotic to your diet will allow the existing good stuff something to feed off of and multiply. You can view prebiotics as the ‘fertilizer’ for your probiotics, one helps the other. When you supplement probiotics, you are adding more good bacteria to what you already have in your system, therefore leading to the increase for the good guys. The prebiotic (one that’s already loaded with fiber) will allow the good stuff to grow. This harmony allows your GI tract to eliminate more frequently while also improving your digestion and boosting your immune system,” says Peter Kanaat, co-founder of GoBiotix