5 Superfoods You Need To Try Now

What we know for sure is that all food is not created equal. Some foods are so supremely nutritious that they’ve earned the name: Superfoods. These little powerhouse foods pack a great big nutritional punch. Their benefits touch every part of your health from your circulation to your heart to your brain. Some of them are tiny enough to get lost in the palm of your hand, yet they boast huge benefits for your diet and your longevity. Check out these five amazing super foods and see why you need to add them to your diet today!

Spawned from the olive tree, these little green and black treasures contain beneficial antioxidants and healthy fats. They’ve been used for years as part of the Mediterranean diet and have been used in literature and history as diet staples since the beginning of time. Olives contain beneficial vitamins including Vitamin E and calcium, which are great for your skin and for your bone health. They’re also packed with iron and copper which help oxygenate your blood and fight off heart disease. If those aren’t enough reasons to love olives, olive oil contains polyphenols which are super micronutrients that help with everything from weight loss to digestion to reducing inflammation in the body.

These delicious round balls are bursting with good-for-you antioxidants and amazing minerals like calcium and magnesium. They also contain vitamins A, C, and E. Their superpower may very well lie in their blue hue. The same thing that gives them their coloring also works as a powerful natural antioxidant in the body. These antioxidants are called anthocyanins. Adding blueberries to your diet has shown wonderful effects on blood sugar, diabetes and are even being studied in cancer research. As an added bonus, they also taste great and are low in calories.

Study after study show the benefits of consuming seafood. Fish have been a protein staple for years and they are still just as important for growing children and adults. Mostly because of two important fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. You’ll see it as EPA or DHA on the label of certain vitamins or supplements. Seafood also contains special phospholipids that help increase brain function, mitigate heart disease and reduce cholesterol. When you really take a look at what seafood contains, you’re also getting an exceptional amount of protein, amino acids and fiber. Really, it’s no wonder that fish is touted as a superfood. Just make sure to watch your weekly mercury count!

Nuts & Seeds
These superfoods have been a staple of our diets since before the invention of agriculture. They provide wonderful unsaturated fats and important protein and fiber. They also contain important vitamins and minerals. Nuts like walnuts have particularly great health benefits. Seeds like flax, chia and pumpkin can also up the health ante. Consuming nuts and seeds is linked to lower cholesterol, control of heart disease and less inflammation. It’s super easy to get a great dose of seeds and nuts by adding them to oatmeal or cereal.


These green goodies are definitely a superfood and a super tasty food. They are full of essential nutrients that have been linked to healthy aging and longevity. Not to mention, they are packed with fatty acids that help your brain while also helping your skin look wonderful. They also contain important phytochemicals which are plant compounds that help ward off damage. Studies are happening to find out more about how phytochemicals may help protect the cells from damage in cancer cases. If that’s not enough reason to add some to your toast, avocados are also full of vitamins like folate and potassium.

Though it will take a combination of healthy changes including a balanced diet, physical exercise and a low stress environment to reap the benefits of longevity, these superfoods still lead the pack when it comes to getting a little nutritious goodness into every meal. Start by introducing these foods into your lifestyle and watch a lifetime of healthy habits begin.